Sunday, December 12, 2010

Past Lives: Thomas Sings at Drury Lane

It is often mentioned in biographical entries for Thomas Carter that he performed just once in a London theater: On March 3rd, 1786, when he sang a vocal part in Handel's Messiah at Drury Lane. This statement isn't exactly true. I have found two further advertisements for his participation in events at Drury Lane, all in 1786 and all right before he boarded a ship for the six-month passage to India. He performed in The Prodigal Son on March 8th:

And he sang at a second performance of Messiah on March 24th:

After this, he disappears from the London scene during his stay in Calcutta, where he was in charge of the musical department for the theater. He didn't return to London until 1789.

If you're interested in remembering your own past lives, see my page about self-regression technique.

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