Monday, April 18, 2011

My book is out!

A true case of reincarnation as told by the person who experienced it, this book chronicles the life of an eighteenth-century glee singer's wife, and offers supporting evidence that the author is in fact the modern incarnation of a reverend's daughter and Georgian housewife, Mary Carter.

Have you ever wondered if you've lived a past life? Ever thought about why you enjoy a particular talent, or what draws you to a certain time or place?

That was me in 1986. I'd always been an Anglophile, always enjoyed Georgian art and architecture, but I had no idea where those preferences came from. Then, during my first trip to London, I was overcome by a feeling of familiarity. I knew I had been in England before, and spontaneously I began to recall living there during the eighteenth century. Wandering the streets of Westminster, I had surprising flashbacks to the 1790s. I remembered being in love with an Irishman who wore poofy shirts and played the piano. When I got home to Seattle at the end of my stay, I began looking into the possibility that reincarnation might be real. I searched for proof that this dandified Irishman had really existed, and that I hadn't made the whole thing up.

I found that proof.

It turns out that I did live in London during the eighteenth century. My name was Mary Carter, and I was madly in love with my husband, Thomas, an Irish singer who performed for royalty.

How do I know this? Because, via self-regression and self-hypnotism, I've been able to recall a wealth of information over the last twenty-four years. I've matched these memories to real events and actual locations. I've since visited those places, delved into archives, researched the people I remember, and confirmed via a network of interwoven facts that I was the wife of a Georgian glee singer.

My story won't be enough to satisfy the skeptical, but that's not what my book is about. What is imperative is getting the word out there: that you, too, can recall your past life, and via careful journaling and further research, you can confirm what you've seen. It's possible. It's kind of neat. And if you're into self-discovery and questioning the meaning of life, it goes a long way toward explaining why you've landed where you are.

Does love last forever? In my experience, the answer is yes - if not forever, then at least two hundred and eleven years.

The Singer's Wife is available now in the Amazon Kindle store.