Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Past Lives: Do You Remember Them?

If you have alighted at this page, then you probably believe in reincarnation at least a little bit already. But do you remember any past lives of your own? Please comment below and let me know how many, if any, past lives you can recall at this time. I remember four different past lives, although they all seem to be interrelated; for instance, I remember two lives in England, and two lives had something to do with sailing ships. I also have had two lives -- including this one -- that are anchored in the Pacific Northwest. Confusing, I know, but the point is this: we remember the lives most that have resonance with this one.

How many past lives have you uncovered? If the answer is none (yet!), don't worry. I've got directions on my blog for how to remember a past-life via self-regression, and soon you'll be recalling your own past life.

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