Sunday, December 12, 2010

Past Lives: A Convincing Case of Reincarnation

I found this video earlier in the year, and I was astounded. Here is someone with a story very much like my own: Robert Snow is hypnotized and recalls details from a past life which he then goes on to match to a real person, a painter who died in 1917.

What's astonishing about this case is the way Mr. Snow found the key piece of evidence identifying his former life. His wife just "happened" to want to visit New Orleans; they just "happened" to visit a certain art gallery, where a painting by his former self just "happened" to be on display for the first time in seventy-five years, and it just "happened" to be the very one he saw in his past-life regression. I can't help wondering what this means: Are we all truly linked to everything in every time, and we all have supernatural knowledge? One could say Mr. Snow was led there by an angel or spirit guide, but really, what's the difference between us and them? Very little. Spirits are on the other side, but we have access to the very same world they inhabit, if we try.

There is no question that Mr. Snow was meant to find evidence of his past life; I've had the same thing happen to me, where I have stumbled upon things seemingly against all odds. But the question for me is, How did the knowledge of that painting find its way to Robert Snow? How do we have access to such seemingly unrelated information? Thought provoking indeed. And the other question I have is, What is the purpose of remembering these lives? Now that I know I was once Mary Carter, what good is that to me? Or to anyone? Other to confirm in yet another way that there is no such thing as death?

I only wish I knew the answer.

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