Sunday, December 26, 2010

Past Lives: My Third Self-Regression

View from Taplow Court by Rachel Andrew

Past-Life Self-hypnotism Session #3, August of 1987:

I start getting images that at first seem to be my mind making things up. Then I accept as "seeing," and I take on feelings along with the images, e.g. someone standing by a large window in a lavender jacket, I think it is him. I look closer at the image and decide if it were him, I'd feel more for this person. Suddenly I'm standing at the window. I look outside, and I know I'm in England, see the trees with leaves boiling in the wind with gray skies beyond, and I can smell it is going to rain, feel the cold in the room, see the dusty floor (hardwood). I get a sense of my entire lifestyle in this cold, English place, though I can't see anything particular; I can suddenly feel the lifetime's particular essence. Then – flash – I am dancing in a memory of some kind, or just an image: dancing with him? Although I can't see his face, I can see his hands, and feel them, feel his cheek against me. Then another image, this one kind of conjured because I was desperate to see him better: of him walking toward me. He still seems short, and when I try to see his face, all I see are blue, blue eyes.

Thomas Carter was short. And he did have blue eyes, or at the very least, light colored eyes (as it's hard to tell eye color in the painting by Thomas Hickey). The rest of this session was unfortunately lacking detail, so the exact location of this memory cannot be pinned down, but I believe the unhappiness felt in this scene occurred at Taplow Court when Mary was taking music lessons from Thomas. I think she was in love with Thomas long before he fell for her, and she suffered in his presence when she didn't receive his attentions in return. This would've been whilst Thomas was living with the Earl of Inchiquin at Taplow, possibly before Thomas left for India. As for the dancing... I'm pretty sure no one in the eighteenth century danced cheek to cheek.

If you want to try remembering your own past lives, try my instructions for self-regression and self-hypnotism.

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