Saturday, January 8, 2011

Past Lives: My Fourth Past-Life Self-Regression

Recalled June 5th, 1988

First, a man dressed like Napoleon in light colors, white and royal, wide lapels, cloth buttons, high boots, and a tricorn, dark, short, curley hair, more unkempt than anything. Vague image to begin with. I think he might be French, but that may be due to the initial resemblance to Napoleon.

Reach down and look at HIS music, hand-written very neatly, on the piano while he's not around. Still wearing the big, rose-colored, flat-chested dress of heavy taffeta or silk. A dog comes into the hallway, light-colored wolfhound, a peacock is in the yard. It's a dark house with many little smatterings of light falling from windows, the outlines of the panes of glass on the dark hardwood floors. All the walls seem dark, maybe wood also. I see members of the household sort of talking/meeting in an entry hall, four or five people, and I'm watching. The cook is a mean woman. The lady of the house is a little older, and she has a calm, cool cruelness to her, very cold -- nothing comes to mind horrible that she's done, still she is not someone you would like. The father, or lord of the household, likes to hunt -- deer or anything else? There are children in the house, mostly they are kept upstairs, but they do run about, chaperoned, two or three of them, all between four and ten. I don't know if I have any special bond to any of them. I see HIM swagger down the hallway with a sword at his side that is just for show, part of his attire.

Henry Angelo

Verification of my memories:
That Thomas Carter carried a sword when the fashion had long gone out of style (verified 11/2004). This was verified by learning Carter's best friend, Samuel Maynard, was a regular companion of Henry Angelo. This fellow owned a fencing academy in London and shared many interests and friends in common with Thomas Carter. It would be reasonable to assume Carter attained the habit of wearing a sword in Naples, then continued wearing it in the company of fencers such as Angelo.

As for the memories of the house and the various people in it, this would probably be a memory of Taplow Court. Lord Inchiquin liked to hunt with the King in Windsor Park, and Inchiquin's house at Taplow was described by a contemporary as being very dark inside. Inchiquin's wife, Lady Orkney, was a deaf woman, and so could possibly come off as aloof or cool because of her inability to communicate. And Inchiquin's grandson, Lord Kirkwall, would've been ten or eleven years old in 1789; he is the only child I know of who could possibly be at Taplow Court at that time.

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